Carpet Cleaning Basics For You To Follow

Carpet Cleaning Basics For You To Follow

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, professional cleaners use expensive equipment to remove the dirt and stains from your carpet. They start by pre-conditioning the carpet with a special solution. They then agitate the carpet with a brush and spray hot water, usually over 200 degrees, to remove the stains and ground in dirt. This guide is useful if you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Dubai.

Hot-water extraction:

Hot-water extraction is an environmentally friendly way to clean your carpet. Unlike other methods, hot water extraction does not use toxic chemicals and is safe for children and pets. This cleaning method will prolong the life of your carpet by reducing wear and tear. Besides being safe, hot water extraction will make your carpet look brand-new.

Chemicals used:

There are different types of chemicals used in carpet cleaning. Some are more harmful than others, so you must choose the right kind. The pH balance of the chemical you use is important; chemicals that are too acidic can damage the carpet’s fibers. Also, some carpet cleaning chemicals contain optical brighteners, damaging the carpet’s color and appearance.

To avoid this risk, you should ask the carpet cleaning company to use VOC-free cleaning solutions. The VOCs in conventional cleaning solutions can irritate the nose, throat, and liver. Moreover, carpet cleaning chemicals with high pH levels are better than those with low pH. Low pH solutions tend to damage the fibers and colors of the carpet, and optic brighteners may turn the color of your carpet yellow.


There are several techniques for cleaning carpets, each aimed at a specific task. One of the most common methods is vacuuming, which removes surface soil. Another method is hot water extraction, which uses hot water to clean a carpet’s deeper layers. This is the most expensive method but is considered the most effective.


The cost of carpet cleaning can range significantly. The cost varies depending on the carpeting material and the method used to clean it. Cotton and wool carpets are generally the most difficult to clean and can cost anywhere from DH 110 to DH 160 per room. In most cases, deep cleaning should be done yearly to keep them looking clean and new.

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