How Can I Get A First Aid Certificate In Dubai?

How Can I Get A First Aid Certificate In Dubai?

first aid training certificate in Dubai can be valuable for many people, from students to caregivers. Healthcare workers and fitness instructors often require this certification, as do medical students and paramedics. It’s also great for those caring for elderly or infirm relatives. A certificate will allow you to perform basic first aid and help a patient until emergency medical assistance arrives. To obtain this certificate in Dubai, look at the reliable option available here.


Immaculate training services offers a range of first aid courses. They follow the guidelines set by the Highfield accreditation body, which the Dubai Corporation regulates for Ambulance services (DCAS). During the training, candidates will gain knowledge of the role of emergency first aiders and recognize the signs and symptoms of illness and injury. They will also receive a practical assessment to demonstrate their ability to deal with casualties in an emergency.

Highfield international:

A first aid certificate from a reputable company is a must for people in the UAE. The Highfieldinternational training facility in Dubai has global recognition. All of its courses are taught in English. Moreover, CITB has developed its training materials and e-learning modules.

The training center offers various levels of training. The course complies with the guidelines of the Highfield accreditation body, which the Dubai Corporation regulates for Ambulance services. The course aims to familiarize the students with the responsibilities of an emergency first aiders and the signs and symptoms of injury and illness. In addition, the training focuses on the practical skills necessary to deal with casualties.

Gulf test safety consultancies:

If you are looking for a reputable first aid course in Dubai, you must choose a company that meets UAE health and safety standards. Gulf test safety consultanciesis one such company that offers such courses. The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help prevent traumatic situations. They will explain all the aspects of medical help, from the causes of an injury to the proper treatments. You’ll be able to save a person’s life and ensure that their pain is lessened.

Kids Initiative:

The Kids Initiative First Aid certificate program can help you respond to various emergencies if you are a school, childcare provider, or sports coach. The program is based on the 2015 CPR and First aid guidelines and evidence-based treatment recommendations. Successful course completion is based on a participant’s achievement of core learning objectives. Upon completion of the course, participants are issued a certificate and digital participant manual. The course is available as an online course and also includes an in-person CPR skills session.

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