The Most Healthy Chinese Food Options

The Most Healthy Chinese Food Options

Chinese food in Abu Dhabi is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a fantastic meal to eat if you’re trying to eat healthily. You can try a steamed chicken, broccoli, duck, or fish dish to start. You can also eat stir-fries packed with salt, sugar, and oil. However, limiting the sauce, you get with your food is important. If you order stir-fries, ask for only half the sauce instead of the full amount. This way, you can reduce your intake of sugar and salt.

Steamed chicken:

Steamed chicken in Chinese cuisine is one of the healthiest dishes to eat. It is usually served with a lemon or lime wedge, adding flavor without calories. The chicken is marinated in light soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, Chinese rice wine, and oyster sauce. The marinade should be used within 20 minutes of cooking but should not exceed one hour.

Steamed broccoli:

The chlorophyll and soluble protein in broccoli are retained after steaming, whereas the sugar and glucosinolates are lost when broccoli is stir-fried or boiled. Steamed broccoli is more nutritious than stir-fried broccoli, which has the least amount of chlorophyll and glucosinolates of any cooking method.

Steamed duck:

Steamed duck is a delicious dish with many health benefits. It is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. It is typically served with rice. Its flavor is predominantly savory, with hints of sweetness. It is traditionally eaten around the Chinese New Year. The head of the duck is another unique dish. It is a popular snack made by stir-frying the head of the duck with herbs and spices.

Steamed fish:

Steamed fish is a healthy option for a delicious dinner that also tastes delicious. Chinese steamed fish is often seasoned with soy sauce. Choose light or dark soy sauce to get the best flavor combination. Serve with white rice and stir-fried green beans. To enhance the umami flavor of the sauce, add sugar and white pepper to the dish.

Steamed vegetables:

The steamed vegetables and lean protein staples of traditional Chinese cuisine have been linked to lowered diabetes, heart disease, and obesity rates. The food is also low in calories. Eating a traditional Chinese diet can help you cut your fat, sodium, and calories by half.

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