What Is The Most Popular Flooring Option For 2022?

What Is The Most Popular Flooring Option For 2022?

Regarding home design trends, ideal flooring in UAE is a big one. From wood to wood-look vinyl, wide plank to ultra-matte, there is a floor out there that will be popular in 2022. But which types of flooring will become more popular this year?

Ultra-matte flooring:

In the coming years, more homeowners will choose ultra-matte finishes over glossy floors because they are easier to maintain. Glossy floors can scratch easily and need refinishing more often. In addition, dust tends to be more noticeable on glossy floors. Ultra-matte floors can have a modern or rustic look, depending on the material.

If you are renovating your home, you can consider textured wood floors. These flooring styles will give you a modern rustic look and work well in busy areas. They will also disguise wear and tear better than smooth floors. However, they will be a bit more expensive than smooth floors. Depending on the type of wood, you can expect to pay up to DH 50 a square foot for these floors.

Patterned tile flooring:

If you’ve been thinking about renovating your floor, there are plenty of options. Tile flooring is a great option for homes with modern styles. You can also combine it with other materials for a unique look. Stone tile is one of the hottest floor trends for 2022. It comes in various textures and colors and blends well with almost any style. You can also choose stone-look tiles that mimic natural stone’s look but are made from porcelain, making them less porous and costly.

In terms of color, wood-look tiles are also a popular choice. They offer a natural rustic look and make a floor a stand-out feature. Checkerboard patterns and black and white are also on the rise. Concrete tile is also a great choice, as it adds an aged look and is popular in modern layouts.

Wide plank flooring:

Wide plank flooring, which consists of eight to twenty inches wide planks, will be one of the top flooring trends in 2022. The wider planks will make your floors look smoother with fewer seams. Many retailers already offer wide plank flooring but expect more varieties to hit the shelves in the coming years.

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