3 tips to build a positive environmental culture in a company

3 tips to build a positive environmental culture in a company

Any organization which has an ISO EMS 14001 in Dubai can stamp the fact that developing and regularly maintaining the system can be a lot easier if a culture of good practice and environmental awareness is established. Though it can be a hard and difficult thing to change the organization culture but once it is achieved it can really pay off. So here is how to make it happen in a simple and faster way.

How to begin?

Changing the culture of a business can be a daunting task like any other major project. It is a gradual process and should be carried out in a way that does not overwhelm or demotivate your employees, rather foster a healthy working space for all the team members. Therefore it requires thorough planning and solid strategy. Let us look at more info related to the key strategies the top management can adopt to develop and maintain a positive culture:

1) Create awareness regarding the financial benefits: From cost cutting due to lean management and letting your business compete for contracts globally, with businesses looking to form ties with only certified companies, the financial benefits of this standard are tremendous. Your employees should all be aware of these financial benefits that a successfully implemented EMS can bring into the company. The reason is that every employee wants to be a part of a positive initiative that would eventually result in his future growth in the organization and guarantee job security.

2) Involve your leaders to lead culture change: Your top management or leaders should play a vital role in promoting and implementing EMS and engage with their employees in meetups, and improvement forums. With the top line management being the key to communicating the end results of the initiatives, the motivation and performance will be taken seriously by the employees. Most of the business reflect their leaders’ values directly as a trickledown effect, therefore top level management should be encouraged to spread and emphasize the importance of environmental performance.

3) Encourage a culture where training, competence and awareness is significant: It is quite obvious that the more training and awareness are encouraged in a business, the easier it is to develop a change in the culture of the organization. Increase in competence and training does not only improve performance but also boosts the employee motivation, skill and self-esteem levels which are crucial to employee retention.

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