Know about the 4 P’s of brand positioning

Know about the 4 P’s of brand positioning

People who own Dubai branding company will need to understand that starting a brand is not enough but they have to do more struggle in order to take their brand to the upper level in the market. They have to think about the kind of position they need in the market and then struggle according to that. You have to know about the brand positioning strategy which is different so you can choose any one of them or get a mixture of few of them and then you will get a position in the market. Here you will see 4 important P’s of position which you need to understand:


 It is the first strategy and many people will lie to have that while they are trying to take their product to another level. You do not need to make a lot promotions for your brand but you have to go for the quality promotions so that you will get the better people looking at your promotions and then come to buy your products.


Another P is that you can make your product position in the market on the basis of price of your product and you have to analyze that carefully because your price should be just according to what your customers are willing to pay, not less not more otherwise you will lose a bigger chunk of people who have some different thoughts with regard to the price of a product.


You have to think about the place of your product in the market because you need to place that rightly otherwise no one will know about your product. You have to take the front rows on the shelves of bigger stores where people will see and then want to try out your product. When they are unaware of your product as it is not positioned well then they will not be able to buy that.


You need to give more attention to your product and try to create something that will be better for the customers and they need that product in their daily life. When you think about your customers and do different surveys then you will be able to get the better position in the market as a brand on the basis of your product which you have launched in the market.

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